Thursday, 27 October 2011

Autmun Hedgehog Orphans .

Orphaned  hoglets  (baby hedgehogs)

Some hedgehogs have late litters, in September or even October, this will mean that they will leave the nest in winter. They will be faced with finding enough food to eat, which is particularly difficult in winter months. They have to double their size and create enough fat stores for  hibernation.
You can sometimes see baby hedgehogs looking for food in broad daylight.

A baby hedgehog  will need to be at least 1lb in weight to survive, if they hibernate before reaching this they probably wont survive.

I agree that taking them into captivity can be controversial, but once the babies have gained enough weight they can be released, this will need to be done during a mild period and ensure that there is enough dry nesting material so they can build their winter home.

The  website mentioned below really informative and explains what do if you find a baby hedgehog and lots of general information on click and take a look!

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