Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crafting - How to make Mr Grass head

Let me introduce Gary Grasshead, made by my daugther.  Grass heads are a great fun to make and educational too.

To make a grass head you will need:-

Thin sock, or tights
Plastic cup
About two tablespoonfuls of compost.
1 rounded teaspoonful of grass seed
Elastic bands.
Things to decorate with (felt, cloth, glue, etc.)

What to do next:-

Roll down the sock and sprinkle in the grass seeds.
Put the compost in.
Gently press into a rough shape and twist and elastic band around the opening to close it.
Knead into the preferred shape the head must sit on top of the rim of the cup.
Add ears and a nose by separating small areas of soil with small elastic bands. Spread the seeds so they are roughly even.
Pour an inch of water into the cup.
Sit the grasshead on rim with the excess sock hanging in the water. The moisture will gradually work its way up the fabric.
The grass should start growing within a week!
Refill the water regularly.
Place on a sunny windowsill.

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