Sunday, 25 September 2011

Watering your garden

Tips for watering your gardening:-

  • Make use of what nature has to offer and collect as much rain water as you can with a water butt.  Position the water butt to siphon rainwater from the down pipes and raise it off the ground so you can place a watering can under it, also keep it covered so the water stays clean.

  • Keep an eye on the weather, basic I know.
  • Mulch this prevents water evaporation. ie grass clippings, bark, gravel.
  • Compost - this makes the soil hold more moisture.
  • Water with a watering  can in the early morning or evening so the water doesnt just evaporate,.
  • Water at the base of the plants,  and deeply so it can soak down to the roots this will encourage the roots to go deep in the ground and helps in drought periods, the adage goes water deeply and infrequently.
  • Cut lawns less, or raise the cutting level, this will help during really hot weather. 
  • Use a mulching mower.
  • Please bare in mind, the weather conditions, season, location and the plant, when watering your garden.
Did you know??? sprinklers use as much water per hour as a family of four can in one day.

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